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Uniq Technologies

Helping our customers bring their ideas to reality since 1986

What We Do

Uniq provides custom engineering design and manufacturing services to customers in a variety of industries ranging from the automotive and tractor sectors to the medical and white goods sectors.  

Our team of Mechanical, Electrical, and Optical engineers do the heavy lifting and work with our customers every step of the way to develop, design, test, and refine their products.  

Our manufacturing team then takes over to prototype and ultimately deliver the final product to our customers.

Engineering Sketch

Concept Definition

We work with our customers to help define their vision for their products and find ways to add value to help achieve that vision by drawing on our engineering expertise.  We understand what's viable based on our in-house manufacturing experience.


Develop and Design

With a concept in hand, we work to develop solutions towards realizing our customer's vision.  Because we also do the manufacturing, we know what will work and what won't and strive to design simple solutions that are easy to implement.


Test and Refine

We produce prototypes in-house and work with our customers to test and refine the design to ensure it meets their strict standards and expectations in order to avoid costly manufacturing delays later on.



Once a design is finalized, we work with our in-house factories to manufacture the product and deliver it to our customers' locations.  Because we manufacture in-house, we have better control over the process and schedule to ensure our commitments are met and our customers satisfied.

586181001 png.png

Final Product

We don't stop working with our customers once the final product is delivered.  We know that customers strive for continued quality improvement and efficiency, so we continue to work with them to develop the next iteration of their product to ensure the continued growth of their business.

Let us help you bring your ideas to reality.

Meet some of our Customers
Club Car

LED Headlight Assemblies

We worked with Club Car to design and manufacture the LED headlight assembly and associated electronics for their Onward™ personal transportation vehicles.


LED Headlight Assemblies

We worked with Kubota to design and manufacture LED headlight assemblies and electronics for their zero-turn mowers.


Fiber Optic Light Guides & Engines

After facing technical challenges, Crane came to us to develop and deliver a custom fiber optic lighting solution for their vending machines.

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