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Our Core Services

At our core we are an engineering design and manufacturing company.  We work with out customers to bring their ideas to reality from the ideation stage to manufacturing and delivering to them their final product.  

Our mechanical, electrical, and optical engineers work closely with our customers to design a solution that meets their specifications.

Our manufacturing team then takes the design and brings it to life.  We do in-house plastic injection molding, cast & stamped metal, PCB layout & production, and mass production assembly. This results in easily incorporated solutions for our customers.

Concept Definition

We work with our customers to help define their vision for their products and find ways to add value to help achieve that vision by drawing on our engineering expertise.  We understand what's viable based on our in-house manufacturing experience.

Engineering Sketch

Develop and Design

With a concept in hand, we work to develop solutions towards realizing our customer's vision.  Because we also do the manufacturing, we know what will work and what won't and strive to design simple solutions that are easy to implement.


Test and Refine

We produce prototypes in-house and work with our customers to test and refine the design to ensure it meets their strict standards and expectations in order to avoid costly manufacturing delays later on.



Once a design is finalized, we work with our in-house factories to manufacture the product and deliver it to our customers' locations.  Because we manufacture in-house, we have better control over the process and schedule to ensure our commitments are met and our customers satisfied.


Final Product

We don't stop working with our customers once the final product is delivered.  We know that customers strive for continued quality improvement and efficiency, so we continue to work with them to develop the next iteration of their product to ensure the continued growth of their business.

Additional Services

In addition to our core engineering design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer our customers the services outlined below.

Warehouse and Inventory

We don't just stop at manufacturing. We will hold your product in our expertly-kept warehouse to make sure your products get to where they need to be, when they need to be there in a timely & cost efficient manner.

Our services include:

  • Inventory Management & Control

  • Quality Inspection

  • Labeling & Barcoding

  • Kitting & Re-packaging

  • And More Value-Add Services...


Shipping and Distribution

We provide our customers with logistic-based solutions by consolidating warehousing, transportation and delivery services into a single convenient & cost efficient package. Our knowledgeable logisitcs team will ensure that your product is available to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

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